Interpretation Service Sectoral Assembly


The Interpretation Service (IS) Sectoral Assembly is a representative body established in accordance with the provisions of Article 17 of the Regulations on Representation of the staff of the United Nations at Geneva. The Sectoral Assembly may, through its President, submit proposals, comments or requests to the UNOG Staff Union, and, through its President or representatives duly designated for that purpose, enter into discussions with the administration of the IS on problems particular to the Service. All staff members of the IS holding a contract of any kind can be members of the Sectoral Assembly. In order to assist the President in fulfilling her/his functions, each sub-division of the IS may designate a representative. The President and the representatives comprise the Bureau of the Sectoral Assembly.

2022-2023 OCHA Sectoral Assembly

As of 28 July 2022 and for a 1-year term, the Interpretation Service Sectoral Assembly is established and Mr. Roland Palairet is elected President.