Legal assistance

Whether it’s a conflict at work, harassment, abuse of authority, retaliation or prohibited conduct, we can all be a victim of one of these acts, however junior or senior we are.

The UNOG Staff Union can advise you on your options and assist you in seeking justice, whether it’s informal mediation or legally contesting and administrative decision through the available legal channels.

Legal representation for staff is spearheaded by the Office of Staff Legal Assistance (OSLA), whom the union strongly supports.

If you need legal assistance for work-related matters, please contact OSLA through their available channels here:

If OSLA cannot represent you for any reason, you may wish to engage an external lawyer. You can find a list of them through this link.

Whilst in principle you are responsible for any fees pertaining external legal represenation, if your are a dues-paying member and if your case affects the broad interest of staff, the Staff Union could study whether to cover said fees. Feel free to contact us in case of questions at

For more information on the internal justice system and legal assistance to staff visit: