The 42nd Council of the UNOG Staff Union (2024-2025) was elected in March 2024 for a period of one year. Its membership is as follows:


Ian Richards (President)
Catherine Louise Peck Arif (Vice-President)

Council meetings are presided over by the President or, in his/her absence, by the Vice-President. Both officeholders are entitled to attend the meetings of the Executive Bureau and support the latter in its mandate to represent the Council.

Executive Bureau:

Laura Johnson (Executive Secretary)
Janet Puhalović (Deputy Executive Secretary)
Begoña Martinez Alfonso
Philippe Duparc
Nicole Lewis-Lettington
Cédric Jacquiot
Naima Abdellaoui

The Executive Bureau acts as the Council’s executive. It implements the decisions of the Council and represents it before management and other bodies. It meets on a weekly basis. It is headed by the Executive Secretary and the Deputy Executive Secretary. The President and Vice-President are non-voting members of the Bureau.

Other members of the 42nd Council:

Marian Aggrey
Saba Al-Nadawi
Mohamed Chiraz Bali

Cíntia De Lima Cardoso
Tigest Desta
Dominique Chantrel
Marius Gologus
Ursula Hermelink
Jean-Luc La Planeta
Rowland Palairet
Bradford Smith
Marko Stanovic
François Subiger
Philip Thomas
Radouan Toualbia

Dan Lin

Release for staff representation functions

Staff representation is considered as official business. To this end, members of the Council are entitled to the following release for staff representational functions (as per General Assembly resolution A/C.5/50/64):

  • Executive Secretary and Deputy Executive Secretary: up to 100 percent.
  • President, Vice-President, Executive Bureau members: up to 32 hours per month.
  • Other members of the Council: 10 hours per month.